100 Paintings

March 27 - May 29, 2024

How do you make good art?  How do you make art that is truly yours? My view is that there are no tricks, gimmicks, or shortcuts: it just takes a lot of practice to become fluent in visual language and develop your own voice. Fortunately, making a lot of art is fun, if you can let go of the expectations and negative voices (that inner critic!) that get in your way.  

In this workshop we will focus on quantity: each week you will be given a defined starting point from which you will make ten pieces. Each lesson focuses on a particular aspect of visual language and introduces one or two techniques. The pieces don’t have to be “good”; they don’t even have to be finished, and you don’t have to ‘like’ them. They do have to stay on topic, i.e. follow the guidelines of the lesson.

This is an intermediate level course, assuming a reasonable comfort level with acrylic paints, collage, and drawing materials, and basic color vocabulary. It includes a weekly lesson for 10 weeks and a WordPress blog.

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